The Pinnacle, a fiberglass pool design manufactured by Leisure Pools

The Pinnacle™

The Pinnacle™ rectangular fiberglass swimming pool design.

One of our most popular designs with a full-width splash/ entry pad that descends into a welcoming swimming pool environment.

The Pinnacle 30 three-dimensional image

The Pinnacle™ 30

30′ by 15’5″

30′ 0″ Long
15′ 5″ Wide
4′ 4″ Shallow end depth
6′ 0″ Deep end depth

The Pinnacle 35 three-dimensional image

The Pinnacle™ 35

35′ by 15’5″

35′ 0″ Long
15′ 5″ Wide
4′ 4″ Shallow end depth
6′ 6″ Deep end depth

The Pinnacle 40 three-dimensional image

The Pinnacle™ 40

40′ by 15’5″

40′ 0″ Long
15 ‘5″ Wide
4′ 4″ Shallow end depth
7’ 0″ Deep end depth

Full width splash pad. Super clean design.

An overview of the key features of The Pinnacle fiberglass pool shape

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Measurements referenced herein are approximate and may vary due to enhancements in the manufacturing process made after publication. Measurements are from widest point on each side of outside edges and are provided as a guide. Please consult your Leisure Pools dealer for more detailed and most current information.